Dessert for Breakfast

I’ve never been a particularly huge fan of breakfast, but when I can eat something so sweet and delicious, It’s hard not to like it just a little : ) or a lot! This recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs, Chocolate-Covered Katie. It’s her Breakfast Pizzert, And as I’m sure you can guess- It’s a dessert pizza! Which I eat for breakfast. Of course.

I’ll let you check out the links for the recipe, but I won’t deprive you of some of my own pictures!

For this one, instead of using the applesauce I took Katie’s suggestion and added 2 tablespoons of pumpkin, and a handful of chocolate chips.And instead of using granulated sugar, I used brown sugar because I love it and it goes so well with pumpkin.  I also didn’t have any whole wheat pastry flour, so I just used all purpose. It was amazing. It was light and fluffy, almost like a pancake but not quite.

And for this one instead of the applesauce (If you haven’t caught the hint yet, I didn’t have any applesauce) I used 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, and it tasted just like a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie! It was a party in my mouth, that’s for sure!

These are by far one of my new favorite snacks! (Or breakfasts….) Thanks Katie for all the incredible recipes!

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